Captain Chet Mason (retired)

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Chet Mason joined the Army straight out of a South Dakota high school. Several years later he went to Vietnam as a “military advisor,” where he stayed through most of the war. After his sixth Purple Heart, Uncle Sam finally gave him an honorable discharge and sent him home to his country’s scorn.

Decades later, Orpheus found Captain Mason living in a Veteran’s Administration home. Mason took their tests for a chance to ogle some pretty nurses, but he also found an escape from his aged body. More than that, he found an outlet for a bitterness and rage deeper than the fashionably cynical young people around him could imagine.

It was not the years of terror, killing and death that broke Chet Mason. By his third Purple Heart they were old friends. No, the corruption broke him, killed his 1950s Middle American ideals and left them rotting in his soul. The fellow soldiers who took drugs, or sold them; the officers collecting graft; the villages destroyed to save them, all to satisfy the deluded egos of politicians who wouldn’t quit but couldn’t win. He couldn’t touch any of the bastards; they were beyond the law. But not beyond him any longer.

Mason takes every opportunity Orpheus gives him to destroy people who believe their wealth and status put them beyond all consequences — the crime bosses, the crooked business tycoons and politicians, the sleazy celebrities… all of them. His age and gimpy leg don’t matter. He can take over their bodies, discover their secrets and turn them against each other, leaving the cops and media with a bizarre suicide and all the evidence of his target’s crimes tied with a bow.

To the younger Orpheus recruits, Mason is equal part crusty mentor and competitive bastard. He drives himself to do better as a way to drive them to accomplish more and beat the old man. Mason’s war stories leave no one in doubt that he is the toughest, coldest, meanest son of a bitch who ever walked the earth. Mason sees them as lessons. These kids need him to teach them how to survive… and win.

Captain Chet Mason (retired)

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