John "Blink" Carruthers

Direkter Manager der Spielercharaktere



John Carruthers was a stage magician. In his youth, he had dreams of Vegas, TV specials, and so forth. He performed at kids’ parties and, of course, whenever family gathered together, everybody tugged at his sleeves and begged him for tricks. He had a rude awakening, however, when he actually tried doing stage illusion professionally.

John was an entertainer. He liked being close and personal with his audience, rather than a mile away on a stage. His specialty was slight of hand; he could make billiard balls disappear with a wave and a smile. In fact, his nickname — “Blink” — came from his propensity for anything he was holding to blink in and out of visibility. Blink didn’t know a thing, though, about the high-tech “magic” that is all but required for modern illusionists.

Disheartened, he opened his own magic shop at the age of 25 and bitterly resigned himself to the role of amateur magician for life. At the age of 26, Blink was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly his life didn’t seem so bad. He met his treatment bravely, but his debts mounted, forcing him to sell his shop. His family supported him as best they could, but he knew the money wouldn’t last and was adamant his loved ones wouldn’t fall to bankruptcy trying to pay for his medical bills. And then, Blink received an offer from a strange group called Orpheus. It seemed folks like him — pushed to the brink of death by illness or circumstances— were exactly what they needed. Blink knew enough about misdirection to recognize that something else was happening, but in the wake of hearing “complete medical coverage,” he signed on.

Blink is a performer, and therefore is often the one who makes contact with blips and drones for his crucible. He’s a funny guy, used to being in control of a crowd, and can defuse volatile situations with a quick joke and gesture. When matters really spiral out of control, however, he can also provide an escape route via Storm-Wending. Blink does not fancy himself a combatant — like any stage magician, he needs to be in control too much to be at all comfortable in the fluid situation that is battle.

John "Blink" Carruthers

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