Kate Dennison

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Katherine — Kate — Dennison might at any point have pointed to her life as an explanation for giving up. Her mother died in childbirth, and Kate nearly died with her. Her father’s death when she was sixteen, at the hands of a casual burglar who knocked her out and left her for dead, wasn’t enough to cost her her hold on life. Instead, it left her with a thirst to know what lay behind the physical.

Kate wants to find the truth about God, the afterlife, the universe, everything; she wants an answer to the world’s pain.

Kate investigated shamanic traditions and underwent several near-death experiences while trying to achieve trance states, but the increasing risk of actual death made her change directions. She studied philosophy and religion at university with a ferocious drive. She earned her degree with honors and is now a teaching assistant at the same university.

Kate has never found gentle compassion in her character. She has the angry comprehension that comes from seeing the defects in the world around her all too clearly, and she knows her own flaws with equal bitterness. She abhors stupidity, detests blind obedience to regulations and has very little understanding of why anyone should voluntarily enslave himself or herself to another person.

This all comes down to one fundamental root; she hates waste. Waste of intelligence, waste of opportunity, waste of life. She does not tolerate these in her students, in her colleagues or in herself. The discovery of the amount of waste and pain that continues after death is a new target, a new problem that needs fixing, rather than something to repel her. She is not a pleasant person in the conventional sense; her manners range from dryly polite to sarcastic and vicious. While she has excellent perception and a talent for extracting people’s problems from them, she’s rarely particularly gentle in her efforts to help. She does try assisting others where she sees the need for it, however, and combines the precision of a scalpel with the driving force of a train.

Kate Dennison

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