Ben Cotton

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Ben Cotton was born in Gallipoli, Ohio, when his mother, Melissa, was a teen under the thumb of her bible-thumping father, Edgar Cotton. Melissa bore the ultimate shame of having had premarital sex, but since it was against the bible to abort the child, Edgar kept Melissa a prisoner in his home until the child came to term. The labor terrified Melissa even further, for she hid the child’s father: She couldn’t bear to admit that the father was not white, fearing — knowing — Edgar would have killed her for having a “mud baby.”

Melissa managed to escape to a friend’s house and brought Ben into the world there. She then vanished, escaping her father and her own duties as mother. Stuck with a newborn, Melissa’s friend did the only thing she believed she could, and gave Ben to a local orphanage under the care of nuns.

Ben was a sickly infant with a constant need for supervision, and thus did not meet with approval from potential couples looking for “that perfect child.” He nearly died over the first several years of his life before his immune system finally proved strong enough, and he grew up in the orphanage system. Although he still had some health problems, Ben protected himself by becoming a bully to the weaker children, which toughened him up while making him ever-more belligerent. His mind twisted with anger at the perceived inequities of his plight, until one day, his rage got the better of him and he went after a rival’s throat, crushing the boy’s windpipe under his thumbs. That evening, the terrified sisters agreed to turn him over to the state, where he was transferred to juvenile hall.

During his four years as a ward of the state, Ben survived countless cafeteria brawls and several actual attempts on his life. By the time he was released at the age of 18, he had bought himself a one-way ticket to a life of petty but organized crime. Once free, Ben found that the streets put his survival skills to the test. After five years of breaking legs and cheating odds, Ben’s attitude earned him several powerful rivals in his own organization — rivals who wanted him dead. Following a nearly successful attempt on his life, Ben decided to cut his losses and leave town for good. He found Orpheus Group.

Standing over six feet in height, Ben is powerfully built and utterly ambiguous, ethnically speaking, a fact that he takes advantage whenever possible. Ben is also bald and frequently wears sunglasses, even while indoors (his eyes are unusually pale for someone of his heritage). He removes them on rare occasions when he elects to make his point without violence, or as a prelude to such behavior.

Ben Cotton

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