Craig Forrester

Ausbilder bei Orpheus



A former sniper with an FBI Hostage Rescue Team and survivor of many NDEs, Craig Forest received an undercover assignment from the FBI to infiltrate Orpheus as a trainer. Orpheus’ staff, however, quickly won Craig’s trust and loyalty, and convinced him that the supernatural existed.

Craig grew obsessed with defending Orpheus from spectral attackers, but a staff member, Rachel Gonzalez offered him a solution, a drug called pigment that would allow him to see the dead. The black heroin overwhelmed Craig and he became an addict, turning to the streets when his addiction grew worse. He turned himself over to Orpheus, but to his surprise, they treated him and trained him as an agent. They hoped he could turn the addiction to his advantage.

When Craig broke ties with the FBI, his supervisors classified the incident as a cult situation and ordered Craig’s retrieval for deprogramming. Unfortunately, Craig had a full dose of pigment in his veins the night the HRT came to retrieve him. He resisted, and the HRT team used too much force in capturing him. Craig Forest died at the hands of his former allies.

Craig is now a hue, a faded ghost. He protects Orpheus and defends other pigment victims. He has few answers about the drug or the washed out taint to his soul, but he’ll find a way to overcome. He’s still a sniper, if only in outlook, and he needs a target. The FBI has information on Orpheus, information that came from his files. Once Craig knows who was responsible for his death, he’ll eliminate the threat and retrieve the FBI’s files on his friends.

Craig Forrester

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