Hoyt Masterson

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Born and raised in rural South Carolina, Hoyt Masterson enjoyed a happy, if poor, childhood. His fondest memories are of puttering around in his daddy’s garage as a boy, handing him tools and learning what made people’s cars work. Even then, Hoyt had a fondness for cars. They were these magical shining machines of chrome and steel with deep throaty engines that rocketed them around the curving dirt roads near his home, leaving clouds of dust in their wake.

Unfortunately, such happiness was not to last. Hoyt’s parents both died in a head-on collision with a drunk driver when he was only 12 years old. Hoyt himself nearly died, and it was as a result of his injuries that Hoyt first enjoyed a brush with the other side, suffering an out-of-body experience; his daddy told him it wasn’t his time yet and sent Hoyt back.

Young and resilient, Hoyt quickly recovered from his injuries. Soon, there was talk of releasing him into foster care, but it was then that Hoyt’s Uncle Luke, his daddy’s brother, offered to take him in. Luke never had time for marriage, but as he grew older, he found he wanted someone to carry on his life’s work. Luke, it turned out, was one of the finest wheelmen in North America, having graduated from running moonshine to running drugs for a Colombian cartel. And with Luke’s drug money greasing the right palms, Luke soon had himself a protégé.

The life of a driver might not have been what Hoyt himself would have chosen, but he took to it like a duck to water. Before he could legally drive, the teen was already doing jobs for his uncle. He had natural talent, and under his uncle’s tutelage, Hoyt became the premier drug runner for the cartel in the southern United States.

Still, if there is one constant in life, it’s change: Once again, Hoyt’s fortunes shifted during an auto accident. While fleeing police in a high-speed chase, Hoyt flipped the Porsche he was driving, which led to his capture and, later, to a conviction and 10-year sentence for drug trafficking. The time in prison, especially the first year spent in traction, gave the young man time to think. Maybe it was time to quit this life and clean up his act. Getting stabbed in the prison’s laundry room by a fellow inmate and seeing his father’s disappointed ghost clinched it.

After getting out early for good behavior, Hoyt tried avoiding his uncle’s attempts to bring his nephew back into the fold. He searched for straight employment, but it was impossible for an ex-con like himself to find a job, especially since his only appreciable skill was driving real fast.

Hoyt was ready to give up when he heard about Orpheus Group. Attending an interview on a lark, Hoyt was surprised when Orpheus not only took his tales of astral travels seriously but actually hired him. Since joining, Hoyt’s familiarity with and affinity for machines have turned him into the group’s top Haunter. As much to his surprise as everyone else’s, Hoyt finds himself a diligent employee, popular with both staff and clients.

Hoyt Masterson

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