Tom Hayes

Creeper Sleeper



Tom Hayes’ cerebral tumor destroyed his life. His wife, unable to live with the knowledge that her husband had just a few months to live, turned to pills and alcohol before killing herself. The architecture firm he’d worked for — where just a few months earlier he’d been up for a partnership — decided that his constant blackouts increased their collective health insurance premiums too much and cut him loose. His kids went to his wife’s parents, and subsequently into state custody… or something like that. Tom doesn’t remember for sure anymore.

All the doctors gave him six months to live. That was three years ago. Tom’s series of near-death experiences as the cancer spread led Project Echo to his door. They knew why he was blacking outs, and even provided him a reason that this so-called tumor was so tenacious: It was the result of a Spectre haunting the family and burdening them with misery. It was keeping the tumor active, wreaking havoc with the children’s lives and even driving Jasmine, his wife, to overdose. After giving Tom a description of their own goals and aims, Orpheus offered to help eliminate his Spectre problem. Tom was skeptical until they described the salary and commensurate life insurance policy, which Project Echo was prepared to offer without a physical exam.

For Tom, it seemed that the cancer went into remission just a few weeks after he accepted a position as an Investigative Consultant with Orpheus. He never could get the hang of the yoga and skimmer-style projection, so he’s settled for life as a sleeper. The regular flatlining he goes through definitely helped retard his cancer’s progress, and he’s perfectly happy about that. Tom doesn’t so much care about the fine money Orpheus pays him, but he thinks he can find his wife among the ghosts of this world.

Tom Hayes

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